In the past 5 years, has your sales training brought you 5 years of education or 1 year repeated 5 times? Whether sports teams or business, fine tuning our craft is crucial.   What’s more important is helping the current generation of sellers and leaders to reach their potential in a way they can relate to. 

Prospecting, influencing, execution and strategy are some of the most important parts of the sales process, and most often overlooked.  Quarterly plans are key. Retention is necessary to moving forward in sales…but selling smartly to start with will enhance the retention.  How you connect with your clients is vital to retention.

Leadership training is necessary and rarely done to manage the success of our current generation of sellers.   Times have changed and we must change with them.  Check out the testimonials and call me first to see if we are a great fit!  If not, I am happy to recommend someone for the level you are at. 

What is the difference with trainers?  The level you are at as a team, the goals you are trying to accomplish.  Do you want a trainer ‘in tune’ with the current generation of staff ?  Do you want a trainer that still sells? 

Questions to ask your prospective trainer:

  • What and when  have they last sold. Are they in tune to today’s buyers? 
  • What is their philosophy and style to reach today’s generation of sales and leaders?
  • How do they create positive culture change? 
  • How do they build strategy? 
  • How do they retain? 

There are a number of  sales trainers out there, and we all have great things to offer…it’s just a matter of where your team is at the present time and what you want for them that will determine who you want at this particular time.  Sales is a relationship. Why shouldn’t your trainer have that same relationship with each and every rep, looking at them as individuals and finding ways to bring out the best in them for success?  Not everyone sells the same, nor should they. 

Where are you with your  training?

  • Basic sales training:  overcoming objections, making the ask, creating your script.
  • Second Level:  scenarios, understanding the business more, B2B sales, the ‘thinking part of the sale’
  • SOS Coaching Level for existing staff who have successfully completed the above levels: Strengths Based Training Building strategies and selling off our strengths for today’s generation of sellers 
      • Includes retention touch points and top notch service to our most valuable client, those currently with us
    • Leadership Training: Helping your leaders relate to our current generation of sellers as well as finding their motivators to help them to succeed 
    • Also available:  Starting a Volunteer Sales Club, College Sales Program to assist the sales revenue, Supersizing, Retention, Strategy Specific. 

2 day:

  • 2 days Sales with fulfillment throughout the year for sales reps to continue to work with me 1:1

1 day:

  • 1 day Leadership with fulfillment throughout the year (can be combined with sales for a 3 day)
  •  One Day Supersizing Group Sales Training 
  • One Day Retention and New Sales Onboarding


  • Build department strategy, individual yearly/quarterly/weekly strategy, as well as coaching sessions, leadership assistance, timelines, structure, sales growth and more
  • Includes video sessions, assistance in all areas needed, 2 yearly visits, and more.  
    • ***limited to a specific number yearly

For more detailed information, contact: or 440-655-9436