Are you getting 5 years of education or 1 year repeated 5 times? Whether sports teams or business, fine tuning our craft is crucial.   It’s time to see ‘2020’ for the future! 

Sales development, prospecting and strategy are some of the most important parts of the sales process, and most often overlooked.  Retention is key to moving forward in sales…but selling smartly to begin with will enhance the retention.  Leadership training is crucial to manage for the 2020’s and beyond.   Times have changed and we must change with them.  Check out the testimonials first to see if we are a great fit!  If not, I am happy to recommend someone for the level you are at. 

What is the difference with trainers?  The level you are at as a team, the goals you are trying to accomplish.  Do you want a trainer ‘in tune’ with your staff that has been selling while training?  Ask them what and when they have last sold. Do you want someone that relates well to millennials? Do you want someone that can create a change in culture with positive leadership/coaching? 

There are a number of  sales trainers out there, and we all have great things to offer…it’s just a matter of where your team is at the present time and what you want for them that will determine who you want at this particular time:

  • Basic sales training:  overcoming objections, making the ask, creating your script.
  • Next level:  scenarios, understanding the business more, B2B sales, the ‘thinking part of the sale’
  • SOS Coaching Level for existing staff who have successfully completed the above levels:
    • Strengths Based Training 
      • (includes finding your strengths, influencing, prospecting at the next level, building and writing your personal business strategy, running your own small business, supersizing: season, group, premium, holding yourself accountable)
      • Running your own small business
      • Building your  Personal Business Strategy for the year
      • Educating clients
      • Taking premium, season and group to the next level, or with companies, taking prospects to that next level
      • Supersizing groups to get to 1K, 2K and more
      • New ways to work with non profits:  getting premium, hospitality and off day involvement  
      • Owning a city 
      • Repurposing space to generate increased revenue 
      • Re-energizing or Renewing? 
      • Creating corporate partner opportunities with supersize group sales 
      • Strategic development of your sales people to get them to a true ‘senior’ level
    • Servicing Workshop:  
      • How is our team staying connected?
      • Strategizing for the future
      • Utilizing new ideas for in person touch points
      • Identifying band wagon subscribers from experience shared subscribers
      • Influencing by planting the seeds of upselling prior to renewal
      • Connecting with groups for retention
      • Steps to successful retention
      • Brainstorming servicing/retention strategies
      • Writing Personal Business Strategies
    • Leadership Training: Let’s get YOUR executives and staff seeing ‘2020’ for the future!  
      • Leaders (Managers, Directors, VP’s, Presidents, CEO) 
          • (includes managing up as well as managing down; holding members accountable, coaching, managing the day, empowering the staff, letting the staff have ownership of their small business, personal strategy, positive motivation. interviewing, evaluations,  and more) 
          • positive coaching
    • Also available:  Starting a Volunteer Sales Club to assist the sales revenue; College Sales Program

NEW BY POPULAR REQUEST:    SAVE MONEY and get year round assistance in all areas with our RETAINER PROGRAM! 

SOS hosts the Coaching Level Workshops, and these can be further customized to suite your needs.  What works best for you?

Retainer for the year:

  • Year long retainer program (includes   visits, assessments, continual workshops, 1:1’s, etc.)
  • you get me all year with multiple visits and continual training and development for all, along with 1:1’s, assistance with strategy and growth programs. 
  •  Additional Assistance if needed in the hiring/interview process, bringing the entire staff together to grow the business and create the strategy in the off season and more! 

3 day:

  • Leadership and sales together:    2 day sales and one day leadership with accessibility to leaders throughout the year and quarterly video checkins 
  • Leadership and service together:  2 day service and one day leadership with accessibility  throughout the year and quarterly video checkins 
  • Sales and service together:  incorporating the service side with the sales side over the 3 days 

2 day:

  • Sales only: 2 day sales only with accessibility to reps throughout the year and quarterly video checkins with reps
  • Service/Retention only: 2 day service/retention only with accessibility to reps  throughout the year and quarterly video checkins with reps

1 day:

  • Leadership only: 1 day leadership only 



For more detailed information, contact: or 440-655-9436