Are you getting 5 years of education or 1 year repeated 5 times by the same? Whether sports teams or business, fine tuning our skills is crucial. 

Sales development is the most important part of the sales process.  Times change and we must change with them.  There are a number of  sales trainers out there, and we all have great things to offer…it’s just a matter of where your team is at the present time and what you want for them that will determine who you want at this particular time:

  • Basic sales training:  overcoming objections, making the ask, creating your script.
  • Next level:  scenarios, understanding the business more, B2B sales, the ‘thinking part of the sale’
  • Coaching Level for existing staff who have successfully completed the above levels:
    • strengths based selling 
    • running your own small business
    • building your  Personal Business Strategy for the year
    • educating clients
    • taking premium, season and group to the next level, or with companies, taking prospects to that next level
    • development of your sales people

SOS hosts the Platinum Level Workshops, and these can be further customized to suite your needs.  What works best for you?

  • Strength Based Sales: 2 day workshop with one year follow up (monthly team conference calls/skype with team, reps have access to me 24/7) or can be done one day intensive training 
  • “Stop Selling Tickets:  Monthly Coaching  for Teams/Business”.  3 months, 1.5 hour workshop twice a month, or  Same access to me 24/7 for the year.  Fits every budget!
  • Individual Sales Rep Workshops (limited to 10 reps per session) “Stop Selling Tickets”:…3 months, 1.5 hour workshop twice  a month.  Same access to me 24/7 for the year. Designed to fit the individual rep who wants to exceed! 

Types of workshops include (but not limited to):

  • Strengths Based Training 
    • (includes finding your strengths, influencing, prospecting at the next level, building and writing your personal business strategy, running your own small business, supersizing: season, group, premium, holding yourself accountable)
  • Leadership Training:  Rising Stars(those newly promoted)  and Star Leaders (Directors and VP’s)  
    • (includes managing up as well as managing down; holding members accountable, personal strategy, positive motivation. interviewing, evaluations,  and more) 
  • Team Assessments and Strategizing 
    • (includes staff assessment, marketing and promotional assessment, creating a timeline and strategy for the business)
  • Supersizing Season and Group
    • (taking sales to the next level)
  • The Superheroes Guide to Retention
    • (the power of engaging our fans throughout the year to lead to retention)
  •  Starting a Volunteer Sales Club and/or College Sales Program 
    • (additional ways to generate revenue/sales) 


Also Available:

  • Leadership Coaching:
    • getting YOUR managers, directors and yes, even  VP’s to become part of the coaching of your staff for 2018 and beyond
    • monthly coaching sessions with principles to put into use each month and mid month checkins -or – full day training session in person 
    • RETAIN your staff…make sure leadership is inspiring and motivating staff to be part of the process

For more detailed information, contact: or 440-655-9436